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  Printer Information

  Printer Name: Canon MX920 series
  Firmware Version: 3.031
  Network Printer Name: B4D7FB000000
  Bonjour Service Name: Canon MX920 series

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LAN Connection Type: Wireless LAN / IPv4/IPv6

MAC Address: 00-BB-C1-B4-D7-FB

IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Subnet Mask:
IPv4 Default Gateway:
IPv6 Address: FE80:0000:0000:0000:02BB:C1FF:FEB4:D7FB
IPv6 Subnet Prefix Length: 64
IPv6 Default Gateway:

IPsec: Do not use

Communication mode: Infrastructure
Encryption Method: Use WPA2

Signal Strength: 92%
Link Quality: 90%

Transmission Rate: 54 Mbps

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